5 Ways to Boost the Trade-In Value of Your Car


If you're looking to upgrade your old car, trading it in will reduce the cost of whatever new car you decide to buy. You could try to sell your current car to a private buyer, but sometimes that can take a long time. By trading it in, you'll be able to buy a new car right away. However, before you do, there are several ways that you can improve your vehicle's value to receive a larger sum of money toward your purchase of a new car. The following are five ways that you can boost your car's trade-in value.

1. Perform Required Maintenance Tasks

If your car is in need of maintenance work, that is going to be taken into account when a dealer determines its value. Take your vehicle to the shop for a basic inspection. Minor problems should be taken care of as long as they aren't too costly because they can affect the car's trade-in value. However, you may not want to invest in any costly repairs if you're not going to recoup those costs through any increase in its trade-in value. Basically, it's only worth paying for repairs if the costs of the repair work will be offset by the increase in its trade-in value.

2. Gather Service Information

Any documentation detailing the car's maintenance history can be extremely helpful. It shows the dealer that you stuck to the recommended maintenance schedule and that your car was properly taken care of. If you're able to prove that you took care of the vehicle, the risk of the dealer buying a lemon is lessened considerably and you're more likely to be offered a better deal.

3. Invest in Some Body Work

Minor scratches and dings may not seem like they should affect the value of your car because they don't affect its performance, but they will. The dealer will have to perform body work selling it, so you will be offered a lower trade-in price. Taking care of any needed body work yourself, especially minor body work that won't cost that much, will help ensure a higher trade-in value.

4. Detail Your Car

Detailing your car won't cost much at all, but it will add an extra polish to your vehicle that will make it look less used. Detailing a car is kind of like cleaning the windows of your house before selling it. First impressions matter, and they can affect the value of the car.

5. Compare Trade-In Values

One way to increase the trade-in value of your vehicle without actually doing anything to it is by shopping around and comparing trade-in offers. Some dealerships will be willing to negotiate if other dealers have offered more competitive trade-in values.

These are five ways to boost the trade-in value of your car. Find out how much you can get toward trading in your vehicle for a new Honda by contacting us at Bobby Rahal Honda in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, today.

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