Since Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies hundreds of years ago, it not surprising that Mechanicsburg, which is located on the outskirts of Harrisburg, has numerous historical sites that are well worth checking out. Following are five of our favorite locations:

  1. The Frankenberger Tavern: The Frankenberger Tavern on East Main Street is a log home built in 1801 by George Frankenberger, one of the first residents of Mechanicsburg. The house was built to attract travelers, such as cattle drovers, who would pay Frankenberger a small fee for a warm place to sleep and a hot meal. It's thought to be the oldest building in the area, but it has had major renovations to meet this century's building regulations. The Mechanicsburg Museum Association is working to expand the home to include the Frankenberger Garden.
  2. The Union Church: The Frankenberger Tavern may be the oldest building in town, but the Union Church is the oldest public building in Mechanicsburg. The church was constructed in 1825, and although it was meant to be a church, there was never a regular congregation. Instead, it was used by groups as a temporary meeting place until they could afford their own place.
  3. Public Fountain at the Square: Located behind the Washington Fire Hall is the beautiful public water fountain that was built in the summer of 1899. Before it was moved to its current location, it was in the town square in front of the Market House and Franklin Hall. Although it's no longer connected to a water supply, the detailed design of the structure is something to behold.
  4. The Stationmaster's House: The Stationmaster's House was built by the Cumberland Valley Railroad in 1866 for the family of the stationmaster at the time, George Zacharias. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Mechanicsburg Museum Association adopted the building, renovated it and furnished it with antiques and reproductions. If you want to see an accurate representation of that time period, you'll want to take a tour through the Stationmaster's House. 
  5. The Museum at the Freight Station: The Cumberland Valley Railroad built the Freight Station in 1874. In 1987, it was bought by the Mechanicsburg Museum Association to help expand Mechanicsburg's historic district. The group turned it into a museum that now displays three exhibits every year that focus on different areas of the community as well as local interests. You'll be able to pick up a few specialty items and heritage crafts from the museum's store as well.

There are many historical sites that are well worth visiting throughout the Mechanicsburg area, but these are five of our favorites. If you're planning on coming down to our Bobby Rahal Honda dealership in Mechanicsburg, then make a day of it and check out some of these historic sites while you're here.

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