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Bobby Rahal Honda | 2018 Honda Accord | Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg, PA

All-new for 2018, the Honda Accord boasts new powertrains, a new infotainment system, standard active safety technologies and so much more. Visit Bobby Rahal Honda in Mechanicsburg, PA to shop our extensive selection of Accord sedans.

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Bobby Rahal Honda | 2018 Honda Civic | Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg, PA

The Civic family features three distinct body styles, including coupe, sedan and hatchback, letting you select a model that suits your preferences. Contact Bobby Rahal Honda today to inquire about our current selection.  


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Learn About Honda Safety Technology

Honda safety features 

It doesn't matter how well a car handles or how many luxury features it comes loaded with, it's not worth buying if it's not safe to drive. Not only do Honda's vehicles routinely get high marks in safety year after year, the company goes out of its way to implement new and improved safety features in every iteration of its vehicles. Following are some of the advanced Honda…

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Visit These 5 Historical Sites in Mechanicsburg, PA

Since Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 colonies hundreds of years ago, it not surprising that Mechanicsburg, which is located on the outskirts of Harrisburg, has numerous historical sites that are well worth checking out. Following are five of our favorite locations:

  1. The Frankenberger Tavern: The Frankenberger Tavern on East Main Street is a log home built in 1801 by George Frankenberger, one of the first residents of Mechanicsburg. The house was built to…
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3 Pennsylvania Road Trips You Should Take

Pennsylvania Road Trips Pennsylvania is a large state. For example, it will take you roughly six hours just to get from Erie, located in the northwest, to Philadelphia, located in the southeast. As you can imagine, there are plenty of places to explore in between and many unforgettable road-trip opportunities. Following are three Pennsylvania road trips that we recommend:

  1. The Natural Wonders Road Trip
  2. Pennsylvania is packed with amazing natural wonders. They are well worth checking out on their own, but the experience will be even more incredible if you focus your Pennsylvania road trip around seeing several of them. Because of how…

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5 Ideas For Upgrading Your Honda Civic

If you've just purchased a new or used Honda Civic, then at the very least you can be ensured of a safe and comfortable ride. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to soup up your Honda Civic, whether it's to improve its performance, its look or its function. The following are five cool things that you can do to your Honda Civic to personalize your ride:

  1. Install high-quality audio…
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A Brief History of Mechanicsburg, PA

 Our Bobby Rahal Honda dealership is located in Mechanicsburg, PA, a small town that we are proud to call home. Located in Cumberland County, Mechanicsburg is 10 miles across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg and roughly 30 miles north of historic Gettysburg. Although small in nature, Mechanicsburg boasts a rich history dating all the way back to 1828, when it was first incorporated as a borough.

The History of Mechanicsburg, PA

Although incorporated in 1828, the area of Mechanicsburg, which is a rich agricultural region, was first settled in 1806. If you ever wondered where the name "Mechanicsburg," came from…

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5 Reasons Why Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle is a Good Idea

used Honda 
If you're thinking about buying a Honda here at Bobby Rahal Honda dealership in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, you'll be able to choose from a wide selection of Honda vehicles, both new and used. The idea of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle possibly hasn't crossed your mind, but you should consider the benefits of doing so. The following are five reasons why buying a pre-owned vehicle might be the way to go:

  1. Pre-owned Vehicles Are Cheaper
  2. The primary reason to purchase a pre-owned vehicle instead of a new vehicle is that when it comes to the bottom line, pre-owned vehicles…
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5 Ways to Boost the Trade-In Value of Your Car


If you're looking to upgrade your old car, trading it in will reduce the cost of whatever new car you decide to buy. You could try to sell your current car to a private buyer, but sometimes that can take a long time. By trading it in, you'll be able to buy a new car right away. However, before you do, there are several ways that you can improve your vehicle's value to receive a larger sum of money toward your purchase of a new car. The following are five ways that you can boost your car…

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Reasons to Get Regular Honda Service


Whether you own a brand-new Honda or a previously owned Honda -- you have to make sure that you take care of it. Properly taking care of your Honda includes having it serviced when needed. You always should follow the suggested maintenance schedule for the model Honda you buy, and you always should bring it in for inspection if there are problems. Here are a few reasons why scheduling regular Honda service is so important:


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